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Home > Scientists > RENJITH KUMAR.K.K
Telephone : 0477-2258094 (O)
Mobile : 9995367099
Fax: 0477-2258415
E-mail: kk.renjithkumar@gmail.com
Senior Scientific Officer (Mechanical) i/c & Stores Officer
Mailing address Office:
Central Coir Research Institute (CCRI), Coir Board, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises, Govt. of India, Kalavoor, Alapuzha-688 522
Kadavath House, Meladoor P O, Near Kalari Temple, Annamanada, Thrissur, 680 741
Educational Qualifications:
B-Tech Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), 2005-2009 Batch
Total Experience:
9.4 Years (Continuing...)
Experience at Coir Board:

8.2 Years (Continuing…) in the field of R&D activities of coir processing machinery including machine design, structural fabrication & assembling, supervision of dyeing of coir yarns & fibres, stores purchase as per General Finance Rules (GFR) through Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP), Government e Market place Portal (GeM) & Direct purchase.

Areas of Specialization:
Engineering Machine Design, Research and Development (R&D) and Stores Purchase
Seminar Presented:
Aircraft Hydraulic System “A glance on power transmission system on an aircraft” presented at Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in 2009 as a part of academic career
Papers Published:
Anugraha-Tejas, A fully automatic power loom for weaving coir geotextiles at Coir Kerala 2017, an international event on coir & natural fibre products (Renjith Kumar K K, Gireesh Kumar G, Ajith G, Hareesh H, Neeraj Krishna & Anita Das Ravindranath)
Academic Projects Supervised at CCRI:
1. “Study and redesign of rotor type automatic coir spinning machine” submitted to Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) in 2014
2. “Sensor based fibre controlling device” submitted to Saintgits College of Engineering, Pathamuttom, Kottayam in 2018
R&D In-House Projects Supervised at CCRI:
1. Proposal for organizing field level Mobile Tool Room Service Facility under CCRI (As per 209th Board Meeting held on 29.06.2012)
2. Conversion of wooden handloom for mats and mattings to pneumatic system for imparting training at NCT & DC, Kalavoor (As per 210th Board Meeting held on 05.10.2012)
3. Purchase of Pneumatic items & Air compressor for mat loom to convert in to UDAY Loom at 20 Societies (As per 211th Board Meeting held on 02.01.2013)
4. Running and Monitoring of the tool room & mechanical workshop for the common facility services and research engagement of technical staff at CCRI / CICT (As per 213th Board Meeting held on 28.06.2013)
5. Proposal for ascertaining the production performance of Pilot Unit for manufacture of PVC Tufted Coir Mat (As per 216th Board Meeting held on 25.03.2014)
6. Development and up-gradation of “Anugraha loom”  to fully Automatic power looms to weave coir geo textiles (As per 219th Board Meeting held on 30.03.2016 & 224th Board Meeting held on 10.06.2017)
7. Development of an efficient, user-friendly modified version of Mobile Fibre Extraction Machine (Swarna) for production of good quality coir fibre (As per 219th Board Meeting held on 30.03.2016 & 224th Board Meeting held on 10.06.2017)
8. Setting up of a pre processing unit for slivering of the coir fibre before spinning of a uniform quality coir yarn (As per 219th Board Meeting held on 30.03.2016 & 224th Board Meeting held on 10.06.2017)
9. Running and monitoring of Engineering Tool room & Mechanical Workshop at CCRI and standardization of existing machinery developed by CCRI (As per 226th Board Meeting held on 09.01.2018)
10. Functioning of Effluent Treatment Plant at CCRI and Testing of effluent water, Stack monitoring of Chimney, Bore Well water etc. (As per 226th Board Meeting held on 09.01.2018)
11. Development of 2 Meter width automatic power loom “Anugraha-Tejas” for weaving coir geo-textiles (As per 228th Board Meeting held on 29.06.2018)
R&D Collaborative Projects Supervised at CCRI:

1. Development, Standardization and Fabrication of VAJRA spinning machine with M/s. Federation of Indian Coir Exporters Association (FICEA), Cherthala (As per 217th Board Meeting held on 23.06.2014)

2. Development of coir processing machinery for spinning of fine quality of coir yarn of uniform thickness and reduced hairiness with Dr. M G R University (Educational & Research Institute), Chennai in association with M/s. Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW), Coimbatore (As per 224th Board Meeting held on 10.06.2017)
Institutions Served:
1. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Govt. of India, Karaikal, Pondicherry
From 01.12.2008 to 31.12.2008 (Academic Project). Project Title “Study of drilling rig equipments and redesign of transmission system of rotary table of drilling rig”
2. Bharath Petroleum Corporation Limited-Kochin Refinary (BPCL-KRL), Govt. of India, Kochi
From 17.08.2009 to 30.10.2010 (1.2 Years) as Mechanical Engineer (Piping) at Suphur Recovery Unit
3. Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
From 02.07.2012 to 30.11.2012 (5 Months) as Mechanical Engineer in WTF-3 Project at KJO
4. Central Coir Research Institute (CCRI), Coir Board, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, Kalavoor, Alapuzha
From 01.11.2010 to 29.06.2012 (1.8 Years) as Mechanical Engineer (Project). Project Title “Setting up of tool room for fabrication of improved version of coir processing machineries and development of versatile spinning machine”
From 17.06.2013 to 13.04.2014 (10 Months 14 days) as Scientific Assistant (Engineering)
From 01.05.2014 (Continuing…) as Additional charge of Senior Scientific Officer (Mechanical)
From 01.02.2015 (Continuing…) as Additional charge of Dye House
From 25.11.2016 (Continuing…) as Stores Officer
Patents obtained/applied:
1. A fully automatic coir spinning machine to spin coir fibres into yarn, filled vide Application No. 502/KOL/2012 dated 7th May 2012, Renjith Kumar K K, Sudheer N S, Ajith G, Biju C, A Radhakrishnan, C R Komalakumar, T A Rajendrababu, S Radhakrishnan, Das Anita Ravindranath, P K Ravi and U S Sarma.
2. A fully automatic Power Loom to weave coir Geo textiles, filled vide Application No. 201741041316 dated 18th November 2017, Renjith Kumar K K, A Radhakrishnan, Gireesh Kumar G, Rejimon P Mathai, Ajith G, Hareesh H, Biju R, Das Anita Ravindranath and Radhakrishnan C P.