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Telephone : 0477 - 2258480, 2258094
Mobile No: 09497442044
Fax: 0477-2258415
E-mail: rkharipad@gmail.com
Designation SENIOR SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (Microbiology) I/C
Father's Name M.P.Sivaramapillai
Present Address Senior Scientific Officer (Microbiology) i/c
Central Coir Research Institute (Coir Board),
Kalavoor P.O, Alleppey
Permanent Address Kausthubham
T.P.Centre, Haripad P.O,
Alleppey, Kerala -690514
Exam Passed
University / Board
Class / Division
Kerala  University
II Class
Kerala  University
I Class
Kerala  University
I Class
Ph.D (Biotechnology)
Kerala  University

* by thesis

*     The title of the thesis was “Microbial Degradation of Coir Pith Using Natural Nitrogen Supplements
Brief profile with facilities available in the department Work related to the production of COIRRET, PITHPLUS, C-POM in the Laboratory and carrying out research and testing.
Areas of Specialization Microbiology of decolorization of coconut husk effluent, lignin & cellulose degradation in coir pith during composting, testing of coir pith/ coir fibre.
(1990-1992) Worked as Research Assistant in the Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR) on a sponsored project entitled “Bioconversion of Agricultural biomass into value added products”.(Solid State Fermentation).
(1993-1996) Worked as a part-time research scholar in the Microbiology laboratory of School of Bioscience, M.G. University, Kottayam.
  Joined in the Microbiology Department at CCRI (Coir Board) in 12 th August, 1994. Worked in the Dept of Biotechnology, University of Kerala, Kariavattom, Thiruvananthapuram as a part-time research scholar during the period from 2005-2009.
>> Award of Outstanding Performance for the arrangement of R& D display in Dussahra Mela -2011 arranged at Kulu (Himachal Pradesh) by Ministry of MSME, New Delhi & in Coir Fest -2010 organized by Government of Kerala at Alleppey.
>> Award of Outstanding Exhibitor for the arrangement of R& D display in the First National Expo of Small, Agro & Rural Industries organized by Ministry of Small Scale Industries & Ministry of Agro & Rural Industries, Government of India in 2005 & 2006 at New Delhi.
>> Award from Chairman Coir Board in 1995 for the development of a treatment system for Coir retting effluent.
>> Award by General Secretary, N.S.S and Chairman of National Service Scheme for securing highest marks in M.Sc (Zoology) examination from N.S.S College, Pandalam in 1989.
1. S.Radhakrishnan, Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S.Sarma and Jayakumaran Nair A. Azolla &  Soya hulls – Substitutes for Urea in Coir Pith Composting using Pleurotus Sajor Caju. Cord 2012, 27 (2).
2. S.Radhakrishnan, Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S.Sarma, Hanosh M S and Jayakumaran Nair A. Quantitative Evaluation of the Production of Ligninolytic Enzymes – Lignin Peroxidase and Manganese Peroxidase by Pleurotus Sajor Caju during Coir Pith Composting. Cord 2012, 28 (1)
3. Prasanta K.Ghosh, U.S.Sarma, Anita Das Ravindranath, S.Radhakrishnan and Prasenjeet Ghosh, A Novel Method for Accelerated Composting of Coir Pith. Energy Fuels. 21 (2), 822-827, 2007.
4. Anita Das Ravindranath, S.Radhakrishnan and U.S.Sarma. A study on Biobleaching of coir using bacterial cultures. Paper  presented  in  the  International Seminar organized  by  FAO  at  Alappuzha on  8th -9th December 1997.
5. Ashok Pandey and S.Radhakrishnan, (1993) The Production of Glucoamylase by Aspergillus niger NCIM 1245. Process Biochemistry 28,305-309.
6. Ashok Pandey and S.Radhakrishnan, (1993) Packed bed column for production of enzyme. Ezyme Microb.Taechnol, 1992 vol 14, June.
1. S.Radhakrishnan and Anita Das Ravindranath . Ecofriendly Interventions on Coir For Sustainable Development. Paper presented in the National Seminar organized by Utkal University, on 27th , January, 2017,at  Bhubaneswar.
2. S.Radhakrishnan & Anita Das Ravindranath. Comprehensive Organic Biocomposted Coir Pith: A Prospective Candidate For Agri/Horti End Uses.Paper presented in National Seminar organized by Coir Board at Kannur on23.1.2017.
3. S.Radhakrishnan, and Anita Das Ravindranath. Potential of biocomposting of coir pith using PITHPLUS substituting organic supplements alternate to Urea for Agri/Horti end uses. Paper presented in India International Coir fare-IICF-2016
4. S.Radhakrishnan, Anita Das Ravindranath and Abesh Reghuvaran. An ecofriendly Biochem Treatment method for quality improvement of coir fibre. Paper presented in Coir Kerala -2016
5. S.Radhakrishnan, & Anita Das Ravindranath .“ Value addition of coir pith in horticulture” .Paper presented in a  workshop on “ Development of Coir Industry “at Central Tobacco Research Institute, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh organized by the State Horticulture Department in association with Coir Board on 28/09/2015
6. S.Radhakrishnan. “Ecofriendly technologies for the production of Organic manure and Cocolawn from coir pith for sustainable development in agriculture/soil stabilization". Paper presented in the International Conference on Renewable Energy and Sustainable Environment (RESE 2015) from 11-13, August, 2015 at Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India
7. S.Radhakrishnan, & Anita Das Ravindranath. Coir - A natural resource”. Paper presented in “Natural Fibre Conclave” to present products, equipment, services and technology organized by Confederation of Indian Textile Industry (CITI) in Hotel Le Meridien, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on 22 nd July,2015.
8. S.Radhakrishnan, & Anita Das Ravindranath. “Pollution abatement in Coir sector”.Paper presented  in  a Seminar “Environmental Management in Small and Medium Scale Industries”  on 20 th June,2015 jointly organized by NIIST and by  Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) Thiruvananthapuram Chapter.
9. S.Radhakrishnan, & Anita Das Ravindranath. “ Ecofriendly technologies of Coir. Paper presented ” in a Workshop on the post of initiatives of products of Kerala organized by Agriculture (WTO Cell), Govt of Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram on 26.5.2015.
10. S.Radhakrishnan, Manure and Cocolawn from coir pith for agri/horti endues. Paper presented in the seminar organized by the Board at Chethanalaya, New Delhi on 27 th November,2013.
11. Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S. Sarma and  S.Radhakrishnan and  (2012). Utilization of Coir Pith for Value addition.   Paper presented in National Seminar organized by Coir Board at Thiruvananthapuram and Alleppey.
12. Nima K.V, Anita Das Ravindranath,  U.S. Sarma and S.Radhakrishnan, (2010) Potential of Soft wood of the diseased Coconut palm for Diversified End Uses. Proceeding of 1 st Kerala Women’s Science Congress held at Kochi.
13. Anita Das Ravindranath, Subha P.V,Hanosh M.S, S.Radhakrishnan and  U.S. Sarma (2010). Coir pith as a Substrate for Biofuel production. Proceeding of 1 st Kerala Women’s Science Congress held at Kochi.
14. Chithralekha M, Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S. Sarma  and S.Radhakrishnan (2010). Quality improvement of Coir fibre using Crude enzymes extracts from Pleurotus sajor caju and Coriolus versicolor. Proceeding of 1 st Kerala Women’s Science Congress held at Kochi.
15. Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S. Sarma and  S.Radhakrishnan (2009). Application of Coir and Coir products in Agri/Horti/Flori culture field. Paper presented in National Seminar organized by Coir Board in connection with the KisanMela at Palakkad.
16. Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S. Sarma and S.Radhakrishnan (2007). Biotechnology in Coir - past, present & future. India International Coir Fair 2007 Souvenir (91).
17. Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S.Sarma and S.Radhakrishnan, (2006) Coir-A renewable Agrowaste for horticulture. Coir News Vol. XXXV Bk. 12.
18.Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S.Sarma and S.Radhakrishnan, (2006) Coir-A renewable Agro waste for horticulture. Proceedings of National Seminar on Plant Physiology, organized by KAU, Thrissur.
19. Anita Das Ravindranath, U.S.Sarma and S.Radhakrishnan (2005) Coir fibre extraction and coir pith composting using biotechnology. Proceedings of National Workshop on Women Friendly Technologies Kochi, 20 - 22 January.
20. Ashok Pandey and S.Radhakrishnan (1993) Bioconversion of Agricultural biomass into value added products. Proceedings of Kerala academy of sciences, Vol 1, 1990.

1. S. Radhakrishnan Applications of Composted coir pith in Agriculture. Paper presented in  agricultural seminars  organized  by  Krishi Vinjyan  Kendra / KrishiBhavan all over Kerala in 1996,1997,1998,1999 & 2000).

2. S. Radhakrishnan. Innovative technology of composting of coir pith using PITHPLUS. Paper presented in technology transfer seminar organised by Kerala Agricultural University, Vellayani (2000).
3. S. Radhakrishnan Applications of COIRRET & PITHPLUS in Coir industry. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Development of Coir Industry in Bhubaneswar in Orissa in 2004.
4. S. Radhakrishnan New R& D Developments in Coir Industry” . Paper presented at the Seminar on Development of Coir Industry in Amalapuram in Andhra Pradesh in 2006.
5. S. Radhakrishnan Coir Pith Organic Manure (C-POM) – an organic fertilizer for improvement of productivity in Agriculture. Paper presented at the seminars organized by Indian Institute of Co-operative Management all over Kerala.(2004, 2005 & 2006).
6. S. RadhakrishnanCoir pith and its application as agri/ horticulture media”. Paper Presented at the workshop on “Utilization of coir pith for horticultural applications” organized at Bangalore on 3.11.2007.
7. S. Radhakrishnan. Potential applications of Coir Pith Organic Manure & COCOLAWN. Paper presented at the Seminar on Development of Coir Industry in Singampunari  in Tamil Nadu in 2008.
8. S. Radhakrishnan Utilization of Coir Pith Organic Manure (CPOM) in agri / horticulture. Paper presented in Karshika seminars organized by Malayala Manorama Karshakasree  at Wayanad district and Kannur district in 2008.
9. S. Radhakrishnan “Utilization of Coir pith for value addition”. Paper presented in national seminars organized by Coir Board all over Kerala in 2009,2010,20111 & 2012).
1. "Study on the production of Vanillin by biodegradation of coir pith using microorganisms” submitted to the Cochin University of Science and Technologies, Cochin, Kerala in April, 2012.
2. “A Study on the physical properties of biosftened coir fibre using spray formulation of COIRRET "submitted to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam MSc. Biotechnology
3. "A Study on the effect of different growth parameters on endoglucanase enzyme activity of bacteria in COIRRET consortium” submitted to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam MSc. Microbiology.
4. "Biodegradation of cellulose extracted from coir fibre using cellulolytic fungi’ submitted to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam MSc. Microbiology.
5. "Biosoftening of mechanically extracted coir fibre using Biochem treatment method” submitted to Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam MSc. Microbiology.