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IS Standards on Coir Materials
1. IS: 11420 – (Part 1 to 9) 1985: Specification for Coir Mats.
2. IS: 12503 – (Part 1 to 6) 1988: Specification for Coir matting, Mourzouks and Carpets.
3. IS: 898–1985: Specification for Retted Coir Fibre.
4. IS: 9308 – (Part 1 to 3) 1987: Specification for Mechanically Extracted Coir Fibre.
5. IS: 9308 (Part 4) – 1999: Specification for Mechanically Extracted Coir Fibre
6.IS: 14596 – 1998: Coir Products- Specification for Two Ply Coir Yarn Spun by
Manual Operation.
7. IS: 1410 – 1973: Specification for Coir Rope.
8. IS: 7071 – 1974: Methods of Physical Test for Ropes and Cordages.
9. IS: 8391 – 1987: Specification of Rubberised Coir Sheets for Cushioning.
10.IS: 11060 – 1984: Specification for Moulded Rubberised Coir Cushioning.
11.IS: 15340-2003: Specifications for Coir felt.
12.IS: 14842 – 2000: Specification for Coir Veneer Board for General Purposes.
13.IS: 15491 – 2004: Specification for Medium Density Coir Board
14.IS: 15877 – 2010: Specification for Coir Faced Block Board for General Purposes
15.IS: 15878 – 2010: Specification for Coir Hard Board for General Purposes
16.IS: 158 68 2008- Natural fibre Geo textiles (Jute Geo textile and Coir Bhoovastra) -Methods
17.IS :15869:2008 Textiles-Open Weave Coir Bhoovastra –Specifications
18.IS : 15871:2009 Use of Coir Geo textiles (Coir Bhoovastra) in Unpaved Roads Guidelines
19.IS: 15872:2009 Application of Coir geo textiles (Coir Woven Bhoovastra)for Rain Water Erosion Control in Roads, Railways Embankments and Hill Slopes-Guidelines