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Coir Board
Chairman, Coir Board
  Shri.Kumara Raja
Secretary, Coir Board
Coir Board was set up by the Government of India for promoting the Coir Industry, started functioning from 7th July 1954. Fixing grade standards for Coir Products and inspection of Coir Fibre, Coir Yarn and Coir Products is one among the several functions enumerated under Section 10 of the Coir Industry Act-1953
Coir Board has taken various schemes under Research and Development, like, modernization and standardization of ratts, looms and equipments, distribution of standard ratts, looms and equipments, extension service in spinning, bleaching, dyeing, Geo-Textile applications etc., and imparting intensive training to people from the Industry. These schemes contribute in improving the quality of coir and Coir products thus improving the living styles of the people in the coir Industry to a large extent.