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Chemistry Lab
Headed by Sumi Sebastian Senior Scientific Officer (i/c), Ph-+91 477 2258480 (Bio-data)
The research wing of the Coir Board was formed in 1955 as per the recommendation of the committee for Research and Statistics of Coir Board and the Central Coir Research Institute started functioning in 1959. A wet processing laboratory was set up in the initial stage and subsequently it was bifurcated into the Dye House and Chemistry & Testing Laboratory in 1984. The Dye House has been looking on bulk dyeing/ bleaching of coir fibre/ yarn by mechanical steam dyeing process. The Chemistry & Testing Laboratory is housed in the new research block of CCRI and is responsible in continually improving the quality of dyeing, bleaching, shade matching through research investigations by adopting appropriate chemicals and technology . It is instrumental in evolving shadecards on Direct and Reacitive dyes and also from Eco-friendly direct and acid dyes. It evolved a low cost bleaching technique for the benefit of the coir industry and engaged in development of a silicate free Hydrogen Peroxide bleaching. It attend to the requirements of the trade in shade matching by conducting lab level dyeing. It is also involved in imparting softness to coir fibre, fire retardency and water repellency to coir and coir products. It has a Physical Testing Laboratory recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards in testing of coir and coir products as per IS standards. Recently it has set up an ASTM laboratory for testing the characterizations of Coir Bhoovastra as per ASTM standards
Prepare recipe for dyeing to match shades against request from parties
Prepare shade cards depicting receipe of each shade suitable to coir
Test the suitability of dye stuffs for dyeing of coir, yarn and allied fibres
Assess the efficacy of auxiliary chemicals for bleaching, dyeing and finishing of coir
Undertake bulk dyeing/bleaching and dyeing of coir/jute/sisal in the mechanized Dye House
Formulate standards for Coir and Coir Products
Revise specification of standards
Test the characteristics of Coir Geo-textiles as per ASTM/BIS standards
Test the light fastness of Coir/Other allied materials as per AATCC/BIS stds.
Test the quality parameters of Coir & Coir products as per BIS specification
Extending the facilities in the modern dye house for bleaching, dyeing & drying of coir/allied fibres/yarn in bulk quantities
Testing of Coir , Fibre, Yarn, Rubberised Coir, Coir Geo-textiles and other coir products
Evaluation of suitability of dyes and auxiliary chemicals on coir and conduct shade matching by lab dyeing and bleaching
Assist and guide Project Students in undertaking their project works on coir
Assist on the spot dyeing/bleaching of coir
Conduct stencilling with new dyes provided by manufacturers of dye stuffs
Impart training in Dyeing/ Bleaching / Testing of Coir