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Coir Board
Central Institute of Coir Technology
Phone: 080-8394875 FAX: 080-3722074
Email: coir@bgl.vsnl.net.in Telegram: COIRTECH
Central Institute of Coir Technology is a research institute of Coir Board, an autonomous body, under the control of Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries, Government of India. It was established in 1979 for undertaking research in the utilizations of brown coir fibre.
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Product development such as development of new products from coir fibre.
Machinery development and standardization in the existing machinery to improve the productivity.
Testing of Coir and Coir products in the brown coir fibre sector.
Diversified activities for the coir polymer composites in building materials, automotive, transportation, moulded gift articles and interior decorations in false ceiling, wall paneling and flooring.
Process development such as optimization of process parameters and arriving at suitable machinery for the new product developed.
Collaborating with other research institutes for the goal of above objectives
Training and development of skill power in specialized areas of coir
Formulating Indian standards for the coir products developed and amendment of the existing standards.
Extension service and technical assistance to the coir entrepreneurs.
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Equipping a digital library.
Extension Service and technical assistance.
Industrial collaboration for commercialization of projects.
Collaborative projects with high tech Research institutes.
Utilization of Agro based fibres and blending them with coir fibre.
Standardization of the projects by Incorporating Indian standards.
Equipping the institute with the testing facility for testing coir & Coir products.
Conservation and better Utilization of brown coir fibre for value added Products by under taking research activities on product development.
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Evolving Indian standards for coir hard boards.
Evolving Indian standards for coir MDF boards.
Evolving Indian standards for coir block boards.
Evolving Indian standards for coir veneer board.
Evolving Indian standards for coir non woven felt.
Development of machinery for coir fuel briquettes.
Development of coir non woven products from coir.
Product development for producing coir composites.
Process development for producing coir composites.
Development of machinery for weaving geotextile mats.
Process development for producing coir non woven felt.
Development of double head automatic spinning machine.
Evolving Indian standards for machine twisted curled coir fibre.
Evolving Indian standards for bristle, mattress and decorticated coir fibres.
Application of coir non woven felt for horticultural, geo-technical and composites.
Development and standardization of machinery's for producing coir yarn from coir fibre.
Development and standardization of machinery's for producing coir fibre from coconut husk.
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Extension is the essential activity for the R & D Institute for the effective dissemination. The institute is extending the service facility to the coir entrepreneurs for making the trial products, improve upon the existing product and for improving their technical capabilities. The entrepreneurs are entitled to utilize some of the equipment's and machinery's installed at our institute by payment of nominal service charges. The facilities extended are:
Coir non woven plant
The institute has the facility for converting coir fibre into coir non woven felt. The entrepreneurs can utilize the facility of this plant by paying nominal conversion charge. The non woven felt can have further application in geo textile, horticultural and is the base raw material for coir composites.
Physical testing laboratory
The institute has got BIS accredited laboratory for testing coir and coir products as per,
      IS 898 ?Specification for retted coir fibre
      IS 8391- Specification for rubberized coir sheets for cushioning
      IS 9308 Part 1-4- specification for mechanically extracted coir fibres
      IS 11060 ?Specification of molded rubberized coir cushioning

The entrepreneurs can utilize the facility of the laboratory for checking their quality of their Products by paying nominal testing charge.

Pilot plant for producing coir composites
The institute is equipped with the coir impregnation, hot moulding press of size 1.5' x1.5'. The entrepreneurs can make use of this facility to make composites suiting specific applications and further it can be incorporated in their units
Pilot plant for producing two ply coir yarns
The institute has got the facility of producing two ply coir yarns and the entrepreneurs can utilize the facility of expertise for the production of different varieties of coir yarns and the same can be incorporated in their units.
Coir pith fuel briquetting machine
Pith Briquetting Machine
The institute has the facility for producing coir fuel briquettes from coir pith. The final product has got the excellent utilisation and potential to replace the existing fuels. The fibre manufacturers can make use of this facility for a viable by product.
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