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The traditional coir industry in the state of Kerala is facing an acute crisis of fibre shortage. For some time, it has been depending on the green husk fibre the major part of which is brought from the neighbouring states. The industry feels that there is an untapped stock of husks in the rural areas from where collection of husk is difficult and on-site defibering is not possible. Therefore there is a need to develop a mobile fibre extraction machine which could be taken to the remote villages so that unutilized husks from such areas could be tapped and fibre could be made available to the Coir Industry.

Central Coir Research Institute, Kalavoor the research center of Coir Board successfully developed a Mobile Fibre Extraction Machine that is being demonstrated before the coir industry. The comparative advantages of this machine with the stationery machines that are in vogue are given below:
Mobile fibre extraction machine(MFEM) Machine available in the coir Industry
1 Only one machine mounted on a trolly A set of machines including crusher, Defibering, Sifter and turbo cleaner is required
2 Requires 10 HP for Electric version
Requires 12 HP Diesel engine with radiator for Diesel version
Requires more than 50 HP
3 No pre-crushing of husk is required Pre-crushing of husk is required
4 Good quality of fibre with minimum breakage Good quality
5 Machine weight is 500 Kg. Machine weight is more that 1500 Kg.
6 Dimensions 100cm X 1200 cm. Dimensions 250cm X 1400cm X 1400cm
7 Cost Rs.1,83,000/- for Electric version
Cost Rs.2,00,000/- for (Diesle version mobile)
Cost more than Rs. 10 lakhs
8 Output 600 husk/hour Output 1000 husk/ hour
9 Saves transportation charges for husk Need transportation charges for husk
10 Generate more working days in rural sector Generating less working days in rural sector
11 Upliftment of economic status in rural sector Less improvement in economic status in rural sector
12 Beneficial to small scale coir units Beneficial to large scale coir units
13 Eliminate pollution of water bodies in rural area Not applicable
14 Can be run by Diesel Engine or Electric Motor Running with Diesel Engine will not be economical