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COCOLAWN TM is a lush green readymade lawn of grass. Grasses of choice can be grown to prepare the lawn. The lawn is encased in a composite comprising a single or multiple layers of non woven coir fabric embedded in coir netting. A layer of coir pith is placed on the non woven layer/s. Grass slips are planted on the coir pith bed so made and C-POM is sprinkled thereon to form a thin layer.
Advantages of COCOLAWN TM
1.The ready-to-use lawn viz.COCOLAWN TM, is made available in the form of blankets. It is easy to shift the material from one place to another and can be rolled upon for transportation

2. Its application is simple

3.The open weave of the supporting fabric ensures complete drainage of excess water and helps supporting of roots of the planted grass saplings along with protection of bare surface vulnerable to erosion by rain, run-off and wind.

4.Typical applications include ground cover, roof cover, cycle path, footpaths and vegetation restoration in any denuded areas
5.It can be molded easily to the contours and creates a microclimate, which boosts plant development and rully decomposes once gegetation has established. Coir pith has been found to absorb as much as  800% of moisture on its weight which supports the grass saplings during the drought season by providing adequate moisture, which is released slowly creating the ideal microclimate.

6.It is made from coir bhoovastra netting and coir pith, which are mechanically bound together with the grass.  Undesirable plastic net need not be used.

7. It completely shelters the underlying bare surface from weather erosion while grass develops, to provide long-term protection.

8. It is recommended on sites where seeds are prone to be washed out excessive deprivation (bird colonies) seed application is impractical or where competitive weed growth is a problem.