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Engineering Department
Headed by, RENJITH KUMAR.K.K SENIOR SCIENTIFIC OFFICER (MECHANICAL) i/c Ph.0477 2258094(Office) 9995367099 (Bio-Data)
To design and development of proto type machineries for processing of coir fibre into different products
To standardize the existing machineries in coir processing
To evolve/ modify the existing machineries in coir processing for better output and realize better wages to the coir artisans
To prepare drawings/ designs of the developed and existing machineries for the use of machinery manufacturers
To modify the existing wooden hand looms for better production and reduced physical strain to the weavers
To standardize components for fabrication of Traditional Ratts , Motorized Traditional Ratts, Motorized Ratts and Automatic Spinning Machines
To design and fabricate 2 Shaft & 4 Shaft Semi Automatic Looms for better out put and standardize its parts
To design and fabricate Power Loom of acceptable operational standard at optimum cost
To develop and fabricate Semi Automatic Mat Loom
To design and develop Prototype Pneumatically Controlled Looms for manufacture of Creel Mat, Fibre Mat, Carpet and Matting
To develop equipments for treatment of effluents from coir processing